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Direct Bus Service From Portland Maine To NYC

Direct Bus Service From Portland Maine To NYC

Update* Concord Bus Lines has decided to offer another bus departing at noon daily beginning April 3, 2016

Direct Bus Service From Portland Maine To NYC Began November 2, 2015.

Maine has gotten so much great press over the years.  Our great state is called Vacationland for a reason, there is never a shortage of things to do.  Whether it’s taking a ferry ride to a beautiful island, strolling along our many miles of beach, enjoying the plethora of amazing restaurants, hiking in the mountains, or just laying low and breathing in the clean, fresh air, Maine has it all.  In fact, these are some of the reasons I decided to relocate my family here and call Portland Maine home.  Ok, maybe the blueberries had something to do with it as well, not kidding.  I have the best connection in the state, ask me for details!

Betsy's Of Maine Blueberries

I grew up in Westchester County NY where I have been real estate agent for 10 years, now practicing full time in the Greater Portland Maine Area.  When I met my fiancé she was living in New York City and didn’t want to commute from Westchester so I decided to move into Manhattan.  Although I wasn’t looking forward to the hectic city lifestyle again (lived in Park Slope Brooklyn from 1995-2000), I gave it a chance and realized we could get out of the city anytime we want, even if just for a weekend.

What I found in NY is that most people absolutely love the convenience but also long for a connection with nature, more then walking through man-made Central Park.  So the dreaming begins, usually after reading an article in a magazine that dangles a place like Portland Maine in your face.  To me, Portland Maine is the little brother to big brother Brooklyn, NY.  They are both serious food destinations, loaded with creative artisans and transplants, partly gritty chic, and getting better every year.

Downtown Portland Maine - Old Port

Getting here is another story; from New York city it is a 5-hour drive, I’ve done it a number of times.  Many people in the city don’t own a car because it’s not easy to find parking and it can cost a fortune for a garage.  So the other options are flying, Amtrak and non-direct bus service, until now!

Concord Coach Lines recently announced that it is offering direct, year round, 7-days a week bus service from Portland Maine to New York City.  For a short time the one-way tickets will be $49 and a round-trip $98.  These aren’t bad prices at all.  If you think about sitting in traffic, especially on holidays and during the summer, gas, tolls, food along the way, it’s a really good deal.  How long these prices will last is unknown (maybe through January) but take advantage while you can.  In the beginning there will only be one round trip to New York City a day with the hopes of adding another next summer.  The response so far is very positive and their online poll proving they made a good decision.

No need to worry about cramped seating, over crowding, and no cell service to check email, they’ve got you covered.  You can expect executive comfort and all the necessary modern amenities.

For more information and schedules please visit

Christopher Pagli - Portland Maine Real Estate AgentPlease feel free to reach out with any questions about Portland, real estate, restaurant recommendations, or any other local things to do; I’m here to help fellow transplants!

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