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Statistics show that 90% of home buyers and sellers head straight to the internet to begin their search or find out what their home is worth.  Every day a new website pops up with real estate data and adds to the never-ending confusion of where to search, who has accurate info, and how did they come up with that estimate of value.  It is important for you the consumer to understand where the information you are viewing comes from and the formula behind online valuations.  I’m going to stop the confusion and offer you a chance to view real estate listings from the most accurate source, Maine Listings.  Whether you are searching in Cumberland County, Greater Portland, York County or even all the way to Aroostook County, this site has it all.

Maine listings are the local MLS, always the best source in any state for accuracy.  The the same system that real estate agents will use to search for you.  One thing you should know is the system available to the public is limited compared to what is available to real estate agents.  If you have questions or don’t understand how to use it, you can contact a local Maine real estate agent, and they will assist.

If you are looking for a value on your home, please consider having a local real estate agent put together a Comparative Market Analysis for you.  It can be difficult to find comps in certain areas, so it’s important to have someone that has experience with this help you.  The site is full of great information, including quarterly market reports that will tell you how your county performed.

My goal is to help you avoid wasting time sitting on sites that aren’t “real estate” sites, they are technology platforms and marketing machines.  After all, your experience should be enjoyable, and this is the beginning of it.  

To begin you search for Maine real estate, please click this link or the  “Maine Listings” logo above.



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