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My Favorite Businesses In Maine


Maine offers so many unique consumer experiences.  Whether it’s blueberries, dining out, or artisanal goods you are in search of, you’ll find the best of the best here.  I’ve compiled a list of my favorite local businesses in the Greater Portland Maine area and beyond.  When I am in search of the best I spend time researching and sampling, after all, why should I settle for less?

My list of unique and personal favorite Maine businesses will continue to grow, be sure to check back.

  • Betsy’s Of Maine Blueberries1197 Main St. Hartford Maine 207.388.2860 – Elizabeth O’keefe is the partner/wife of local Maine blueberry legend, Arthur Harvey.  If you’ve never heard of this guy check out this video link, .  Their berries are certified organic by MOFGA and are bursting with flavor.  Always remember wild is better and typically contain the most nutrients as well.  They supply 5 farmers markets, Whole Foods in Portland, and deliver orders of 20 or more quarts.
  • new moon apiary yarmouth maine
  • New Moon Apiary – 104 Portland St. Yarmouth Maine – Karen – 207.329.9934 – – Karen has been a beekeeper since the 70’s, knows everything there is to know about her trade, and absolutely loves what she does. The honey is raw and unfiltered preserving all the medicinal properties and enzymes that real honey is known for.    Need I say more?
  • portland food coop
  • Portland Food Co-op – 290 Congress St. Portland Maine – 207.805.1599 – Supporting a local food co-cop means you are supporting local purveyors as well.  I love this place because they stock items you don’t often find in other local markets such as raw dairy, homemade pasta from Blue Ribbon Farm, and Maine-made and sourced tinctures.  Membership costs $100 and entitles you to special member discounts and various other specials.  Please note, you don’t have to be a member to shop there.
  • frith farm scarborough maine
  • Frith Farm – 61 Ash Swamp Rd. Scarborough Maine207.730.9077 – – This farm is probably my favorite so far.  Not only because they are certified organic by MOFGA but their practices speak volumes.  Visit their website to read their mission statement, you’ll be a fan!
  • blue ribbon farm mercer maine
  • Blue Ribbon Farm1334 Beech Hill Rd. Mercer, Maine – 207.587.4068 – – I recently discovered their homemade pasta at the Portland Food Co-op and have been a fan ever since.  They use locally sourced ingredients and some from their own farm!  It’s not often that you find a wide variety of fresh pasta in stores, especially penne.  Be on the lookout for their imported olive oil from Italy.
  •  holy donut portland maine
  • The Holy Donut – 194 Park Ave and 7 Exchange St. Portland Maine – 207.874.7774 (Park Ave) 207.775.7776 (Exchange) – – I thought I’d had a great donut in the past until I tried the Holy Donut.  They use real Maine potatoes in the batter and the result is a depth and texture like no other.  Forget what you already know about donuts…
  • Pine tree seafood scarborough maine
  • Pine Tree Seafood – 655 U.S. 1, Scarborough Maine – 207.730.7121 – www.pinetreeseafood.comFrom the second I walked in and received a friendly hello along with an introduction I knew this was going to be a great place.  Add in some of the freshest fish in the area and in-depth knowledge of the source and quality of their product and you have a home run.  Overtime I visit they educate me more and more about fish.
  •  isa bistro portland maine
  • Isa Bistro – 79 Portland St. Portland Maine – 207.808.8533 – – This has been my most pleasurable dining experience in Portland to date.  The chef, Isual, is classically trained in Italian and French cuisine.  The quality of the food and customer service are top notch.  In fact, they have a list of all their purveyors on the wall when you fist enter.  You can read my full review on my blog post page.
  •  otto pizza portland maine
  • Otto Pizza – 225 & 576 Congress St. Portland Maine, 125 John Roberts Rd, South Portland -Maine – 207.358.7870 (225 Congress), 207.358.7090 (576 Congress), 207.772.0900 (South Portland) – – Cutting edge pizza that is absolutely delicious!  My favorite is the mashed potatoes, scallion & bacon (minus the bacon because I’m Pescetarian)
  •  balfour farm maine
  • Balfour Farm – Organic Dairy & Farmstead Creamery – 461 Webb Rd, Pittsfield ME – 207.213.3159 – – I discovered these guys at he Portland Farmer’s Market in Monument Square on Weds.  Another vendor recommended the Haymaker Cheddar made with raw milk.  Now, I have at least 2 wedges in my fridge at a time.  They truly care about delivering top quality products and really mastered their craft.
  •  portland maine farmers market
  • Portland Farmers Market – – Deering Oaks Park – Saturdays Late April-Late November.  They move to the Urban Fermentory (great place for home made Kombucha) building at 200 Anderson St, Portland after November.  the is by far one of the best markets I have ever been to, so many certified organic vendors!
  •  thurston and peters sugarhouse newfield maine
  • Thurston & Peters Sugarhouse – 299 Bond Spring Rd. Newfield Maine – 207.793.8040 – – This place is right down the street from a fresh water spring that I frequent.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else for syrup as they have an incredible product.  Not only is the the syrup outstanding, you’ll get a complete education on the process, if you want it.  During the summer homemade, Maine blueberry ice-cream is available, even more incredible!
  • Harbor fish market portland maine
  • Harbor Fish Market – 9 Custom Wharf Rd – Portland Maine – 207.775.0251 – – This place is located on a tiny little street off of Commercial St.  Parking is tight so you might want to park on Commercial.  They have a wide variety of TOP quality fish and are happy to clean them for you.  The staff is knowledgeable and personable, a must visit.


  • Scratch Baking Co. 416 Treble St – South Portland Maine – 207-799-0668 –  – Possibly one of the best mom and pop bakeries I have ever been to.  no only are their products amazing, they take the time to educate you on how to preserve their hard work once the baked goods leave the shop.  From quality ingredients to delicious results, this place has it all.  They are very busy, even during the off-season in Maine.  Get there early!
  • Local Sprouts Cooperative – They are a worker-owned bakery, cafe, and caterer all wrapped into one.  What makes them special is their mission. They focus on local, fair-trade, organic, sustainability, and opportunity for all involved.  Often you’ll find a local musician playing for hungry patrons as they sit back in the loungey atmosphere.  There is even a kids corner to keep the little ones busy.  I’m all for a place for everyone, this is it!
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