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Questions Every Home Seller Should Ask Their Real Estate Agent

questions every home seller should ask their portland maine real estate agent

Questions Every Home Seller Should Ask Their Agent When Selling A Home In Portland Maine

As a Maine home seller it is important to know as much as possible about the real estate agent you choose.  Asking your agent the right questions in the beginning will help determine if they are a good fit or not.
1) How many years they have been in the business. This shouldn’t be your determining factor, an agent that has been in the business 30 years doesn’t make them a better agent. You want an agent that is tech savvy, invests in their education, understands the local laws, has thorough knowledge of the buying/selling process, and has the proper marketing skills.

2) How they plan to market your property outside the Greater Portland Maine MLS. Get a clear understanding before you sign and hold them to it. There is so much more to marketing a property then just putting it on the local MLS.

3) Ask them about their track record and success rate. How many homes have they help buy and sell in their career. Read past client testimonials to get a sense of how they work, look for a common thread. Avoid testimonials from their friends or colleagues, you want real client testimonials.

4) Find out what taxes and fees paid by the seller, including the commission.

5) Be very clear on what you are signing. Make sure the agent goes through the contract slowly and explains each section so you have a clear understanding. Ask them about the process of terminating the contract, any repercussions? If so what are they?

6) How often they work with buyers. An agent that works with buyers understands how the buyers think. This can help you the seller with getting the home ready to list. Have a pre-listing inspection done is another option but keep in mind one inspector may not raise a red flag on an issue another may.

7) Is this their full time job or are they doing it part-time. Part-time efforts get part time results.

8) How well they know the local market, trends, etc. As a seller you want to know how long they feel it will take to sell your home and what you should expect from the market. It is so very important for your agent to set this expectation up front.
You want an agent that is going to represent your property in the best, possible light and will always have your best interest in mind. After all, it is a relationship that you will be forming so be comfortable with your choice.

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