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The Things We Do For Inspiration…

Everyday I learn something new about myself.  When I pay close attention I really connect with what motivates me.  At times, we all feel writers block, stuck, or lacking motivation.  Having lived in NYC I’ve learned that I do some of my best thinking when walking the streets.  It’s just me, the pavement, and my thoughts. 
I just relocated to Portland Maine and have to start from the beginning in my new real estate market.  This has been a dream of mine for some time, albeit the task ahead started to feel a little daunting.  Instead of looking at it as a negative I found excitement in the journey that lie ahead and quite frankly, it is all exciting stuff.  Having to learn a new market and real estate process will help me see how other parts of the country do things and broaden my experience, there’s the glass half full.  
I do have ten years of full time experience as a real estate broker; have gotten to know Cumberland County Maine pretty well, and learning that the process is pretty simple and straightforward.  I am an explorer by nature so researching and learning are top priority and rewarding.
Although I don’t always see things this way at first, I can step back, go for a walk, or change my scenery for inspiration.  This reminds me of the cliché “move a muscle, change a thought”.  Something so simple as a five-minute walk opens me up and completely changes my perspective on things.  Quite often I’ll notice at the end of my walk that my pace has picked up and attitude fully adjusted.  This morning I began my day at 6:30 am on the beach at Old Orchard Beach.  Once I walked over the hill and started to see the sunrise, beach, and other early risers, I felt a sudden calmness that has resulted in this blog post.  
I don’t always know what to write about and get tired of the same old posts we see all across the internet – you know, tips for this and tips for that.  It gets old and doesn’t feel genuine to me, especially when it’s just a re-post and not original writing.  This past year I challenged myself to write my own articles on top of the occasional repost of others work that inspired me.  
If you are feeling that “block” we all experience then take a walk and get some inspiration from your surroundings.  Another great tip is to pick up a book, magazine, or read an email; you’ll be amazed at the content you can come up with.  
What do you do for inspiration?

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